Soane Museum Adam Bespoke Mirror Collection

Shortly after a Soane Patrons' private visit to the Ossowski antique mirrors gallery and restoration workshop, we were delighted to be asked by the Museum to assist in their ongoing endeavours to bring their collection to life. So it was that I found myself pouring over the Soane's archive of Adam mirror frame designs with the intention for us to begin recreating some of the beautiful things I found there. My father founded our business in 1960 and with more than fifty years of dealing in and restoring original giltwood frames from the 18th century, we seem to be uniquely qualified to take this on.

We still use the same techniques that would have been used by 18th century craftsmen. Everything in our workshop is done by hand. We carve wood by hand, we apply gesso and bole by hand, and we water-gild by hand. We know Robert Adam would approve.

I am delighted that Ossowski has been given exclusive rights to reproduce Soane's collection of Adam mirror designs, by commission, and that this will also enable us to support the important work carried out by the Museum. It's an amazing moment, Robert Adam, nowadays almost a myth, and so admired by Soane, can become a material reality; we are very proud to be involved in this magical moment. With your help, we will be making some very beautiful looking-glasses.

Mark Ossowski.

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