Giltwood and Painted Regency Period Convex Mirror

Partly original gilding and paint; glass later.

Design-wise the Chinoiserie dragon finial is very rare and seems to be Brighton Pavillion influenced.

The fierce entwined dolphins in the base are a slightly more common motif but seldom so well executed. (Although dolphins were no longer considered food, as they had been in medieval times when they were sometimes known as “sea-hog”, they were portrayed as fearsome denizens of the Sea, and not the cuddly “Flippers” of our popular culture.)

The oak leaf and acorn wreath between the glass and the gilded “musket balls” around the frame is also an attractive and noteworthy feature. (Incidentally the musket balls can help date a convex frame; they are fiddly and time consuming to make and gild so the Victorians tended to skimp on them.)

Finally the decorative scheme of water-gilding and dark green paint is distinctly Regency and had been covered up with plain gi lding when the piece came to us. We removed later layers of gilding using the dry-stripping technique, this revealed the first decorative scheme, which we refreshed.

The overall execution is very good in that the wood carver achieves good under-cutting and a 3D effect which is sculptural.

H:  172.00 cm/ 68"
W:  65.00 cm/ 26"
D:  18.00 cm/ 7"

Date: Circa 1810

Origin: England


Medium: Wood

Price: £19,680.00

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