The Culzean

Adam vol.20/232

Adam started transforming the cliff top castle of Culzean, Ayrshire in 1777 for David Kennedy, 10th Earl of Cassillis. The family continued work on the picturesque castle after the deaths in 1792 of both architect and client. This mirror, simplified over the years, now stands above the mantelshelf of the chimneypiece in the old eating room.

The sphinxes and orrery lend an air of scholarly refinement; for our brightly lit modern homes the central candelabra could perhaps be omitted.

(Please see the March 2014 edition of 'World of Interiors' magazine for an article by Sopie Barling about Robert Adam and our collaboration with the Sir John Soane's Museum.)

Circa: 1780

United Kingdom

Sir John Soane's Museum

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