George III giltwood Chippendale period mirror

British 18th century frivolous and gorgeous rococo at its best.
People often have a view of rococo based on the heavy low quality examples from the 19th century. Those later works were made using new-fangled techniques of mass production i.e. plaster/composition poured into moulds. This was much cheaper and required less skill.
The 18th century examples by contrast were hand carved in wood usually by masters of their art. Fully rococo interiors are hard for us to imagine feeling comfortable in but an 18th century piece like this one fits beautifully into a comfortable/eclectic setting or even in a minimalist one where it will shimmer like the jewel of the greatest age of furniture it is. Excuse the hyperbole but you may be able to tell that I really like this mirror! So why is it so good? As always it comes down to Design and Execution. Is the Design firmly within the chosen style but with some added inventiveness? Do all the elements relate to each other in a harmonious manner without awkwardness? In the Execution, is it flowingly and deeply carved by a master of his art? In this case, yes to all these questions.

External Dimensions

H: 46 inch/ 116.84 cm
W: 26 inch/ 66.04 cm

Circa: 1760

United Kingdom

Price: £17500.00

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