Carved limewood frame in the manner of Grinling Gibbons

An exceptionally rare small carved limewood frame in the manner of Grinling Gibbons.
Oil gilding possibly later; glass of the period and possibly original.


H: 26.50 cm/ 10 3/8 "
W: 57.00 cm/ 22 1/2 "
D: 5.00 cm/ 1 2/2 "

Circa: 1690

United Kingdom

Grinling Gibbons was the finest carver in England of his time and is rightly venerated for the extreme naturalism and lightness that he brought to the art of carving in wood. This is not a documented example of his work but it is from the period and displays virtuosity equal to his documented work albeit on a smaller scale to most of his work. In terms of rarity it is very doubtful that there is anything comparable on the art market today.

Price: £31700.00

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