Black and White light-box

Hundreds of photographs go into the making of one light box. The same object, in this case the horse bronze 'Black', is examined by the camera in minute close-up detail. By looking very close we paradoxically see far; into the Void.

art, contemporary, sculpture, metal, beauty, glass, led lights, photography, macro micro, quantum physics, small world meet the big world, pimlico road, heritage, modern, the void, gravity, look lose your consciousness of time for a time, spin, particles are fields, fields are thought-forms.

External Dimensions

H: 132.00 cm/ 51 2/2 "
W: 80.00 cm/ 31 1/2 "
D: 7.00 cm/ 2 3/4 "

Date: 2018

United Kingdom

Price: £8000.00

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