A gessowork looking-glass with rare armorial cresting

Original gesso and some original gilding; hand bevelled glass plate probably later, but possibly original with later silvering.

The coat-of-arms incorporated into the top of this looking-glass frame is an outstanding feature we have not seen before. Coats-of-arms are more usually seen on later Kentian mirrors, and then as a separate cartouche which could be, and often was, removed. However, identifying it has proved elusive. The plumed helm is supposed to indicate a Royal connection but this also apparently a period when family crests would simply be made up, and this may be the case here.

External Dimensions

H: 131.00 cm/ 51 5/8 "
W: 81.50 cm/ 32 1/8 "

Circa: 1725

United Kingdom

Price: £18300.00

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