A giltwood oval border glass mirror in the manner of Robert Adam

Gilding probably later; glass later.

This style of mirror has been made for over 200 years because they go with everything. They would have been described at the time as ‘Neate’ as opposed to ‘Shewy’.

Having been made for so many years means that there are a lot of more recent poorer quality examples around. Heavy, thick detailing, often made from composition rather than wood, gold paint, that sort of thing; so care needs to be taken when choosing one.

By contrast this looking-glass is a fine example of precise wood-carving ability and of late 18th century neoclassicism, expressing the excitement of rediscovering the Classical World’s decorative language. Robert Adam - “Bob the Roman” and James Stuart - “Athenian Stuart” were the two men who probably did the most to promote the new style in Britain. Of the two, Adam was the more commercially successful (though he also had some disasters) and whose name is now synonymous with the style.

In theory they can be hung either way though I usually prefer upright.
To be used above a mantel, in a hall above a table or in a bedroom. Very versatile.

External Dimensions

H: 107.00 cm/ 42 1/8 "
W: 77.00 cm/ 30 1/4 "

Circa: 1790

United Kingdom

Price: £12000.00

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