Regency giltwood mirror with shaped glass

The shape of the frame of this mirror is typically Regency, but the shaped dome-top glass is slightly startling. Why is it that shape? Can you guess? The glass is older that the frame i.e. it is a reused mirror plate. So, the frame is about 1810 but the glass is shaped and bevelled like mirror plates of one hundred years, or more, before that. What has to be remembered is that throughout the 18th century glass was expensive, usually costing many times the price of the frame. Re-use of an 'old' glass therefore made sound financial sense. It is in fact fairly common to see small pieces of older glass used in mirrors from about mid-century onwards; however, a totally Regency frame for a totally Queen Ann glass is a very rare curiosity.


H: 97.00 cm/ 38 1/4 "
W: 71.00 cm/ 27 2/2 "

Circa: 1810


Price: £5400.00

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