About Us

Ossowski are a long established firm of specialised Antiques dealers. We offer English long 18th century* mainly gilded, but some painted, furniture; we predominately stock mirrors, but also side and centre tables, and decorative wood-carvings.
(* the phrase “long 18th century” is an academic one used to denote the 18th century plus a few decades either side.)
We were founded in 1960 when Albin Ossowski opened at the premises in Pimlico Road, London, where the firm is still based. Unique in mainly specialising in English 18th century antique looking-glasses, we are a family business that has been doing this for over fifty years. Our collective knowledge and experience in this field is second to none.
My father, Albin is in his nineties now so has decided to take a little more of a back seat! He is still very interested in the goings-on and is available to us for advice and consultation.
Matthew Ossowski joined his father in the firm in the 1960s when he was sixteen, sweeping the floors to begin with. He still occasionally sweeps up but in the meantime has turned himself into one of the world’s leading authorities on English 18th century giltwood. His decades of experience both in the dealing world and, crucially, in our restoration workshop are the ingredients that have given him this expertise.
John Ossowski is our back room boy. It is his meticulous attention to details that ensures any restoration we undertake, either on our own stock or a client’s, is of a level to “last a hundred years”.
As for myself, with a mere twenty years experience I am the baby of the family business. I run the gallery and as well as always learning, have come to see part of my role as proselytizing the wonders of the looking-glasses from this period. The reason they are so highly valued is that the 18th century is the period of history when the highest artistic sensibility combined with the highest craftsmanship. At the same time there was an economic elite keen to keep up with the latest Fashions and willing to spend to do so. These conditions brought us the finest furniture ever made, and these mirror frames are superb exemplars of this period and of their styles.
I hope you enjoy looking at them, either here on our website, or by visiting us at Pimlico Road.
Mark Ossowski.